Saturday, April 16, 2016

Correctional Facility Audit

(reprint from WinstonWebNews)

“I really appreciate our staff – I would put them up against any correctional facility staff in the state.”

Winston Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility (WCCRCF) Warden Neal Higgason applauded his team for their work as representatives of the American Correctional Association completed an onsite audit of the facility on Thursday.

The results of the audit were very positive and were disclosed in a final public meeting at the prison on Thursday morning. Members of the Board of Supervisors, facility staff and media were present as Ray Tamminga of ACA spoke in glowing terms about the facility and the findings of the three auditors who had reviewed over 450 compliance standards since Tuesday.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thank You!!

(reprint from WinstonWebNews)
Winston County Sheriff’s Deputies will soon be fully
Sheriff Pugh w Judy Sanders at Winston Academy
to thank students for their fundraising efforts
equipped with new protective vests and body cameras thanks to the generosity and support of the community. What began as a casual discussion in a meeting at Poplar Flat Baptist Church led to a fundraising effort that included several area churches, students at Winston Academy, private citizens and the Sheriff’s Citizen’s Advisory Board.

It only took a few months to gather the necessary funds (almost $5000) to purchase 8 body armor vests for all fulltime deputies on staff. Additional funds have also been collected to purchase a sufficient number of body cameras for all personnel as well. The purchase and implementation of 8 cameras should be complete within the next month at a cost of around $7000.