Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sheriff's Department Adds New Staff - The Four Legged Variety

Deputy Lovorn w Cade
The Winston County Sheriff's Department recently added a new deputy to its staff - and he works for little more than room and board. Cade, a labrador mix, joined the force on May 24 and along with his human partner, Deputy Jimmy Lovorn, has already become an integral part of law enforcement in the county.

The department was lacking a canine for multiple purposes and through the efforts of Sheriff Jason Pugh and Deputy Lovorn, Cade was added to the staff. The cost to purchase and train the animal was roughly $6,000 and through the contributions of several local businesses, Cade joined the department at little cost to the county.

Lovorn spent two weeks in Lawrence, Texas to train with Cade before returning to Winston County. According to Lovorn, Cade, an energetic two year old, is a multi-purpose animal who serves not only for narcotic detection but also search and rescue and human tracking.

Cade - a 2 yr old Lab Mix
 Cade showed his worth quickly. Joining the staff on Friday, the canine made his first narcotic detection on the following Saturday at a routine Sheriff's checkpoint.

Cade will be paired exclusively with Deputy Lovorn, who is responsible for his daily care. The Sheriff's Department would like to thank those businesses who contributed to the cost of training and purchase of  Cade and Deputy Lovorn.
Cade's First Drug Find