Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Officers Receive Certification at WCCRCF

Thirteen officers took training at the Winston Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility recently and on  Tuesday (March 19) they received their Basic Detention Officer Certification as required by Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Training.
David Edwards Administers OC Training

In addition to the 10 officers at the Winston County Facility, officers from Attala and Choctaw Counties completed the training as well.The 96 hour course prepares the individual for work in the corrections field.

Warden Tim Palmer was able to complete the training on site at a much lower cost rather than send trainees off site which would have entailed travel expenses.

Newly Certified Officers with Sheriff Jason Pugh (back center)
and Chief of Security Don Crawford (far right)
Officers must also complete firearms training and OC Training (Mace) as part of their certification. On Tuesday, the OC training was conducted which requires each trainee to experience the effects of OC spray. OC or oleoresin capsicom is effectively pepper spray and used as a non-lethal use of force when needed by not only correctional officers but other law enforcement as well. The newly certified officers can be seen here as they react to spray from instructor David Edwards and attempt to negate its effects. A full set of photos of trainees can be seen on our flickr account by clicking here. We'll have more on WCCRCF in the near future.
Officers attempt to negate the effects of OC Spray